Emoji Blast Puzzle Review: does it really pay?

Emoji Blast Puzzle is an app that is promoted as a game through which you can win money. The truth is that the app does not pay and manipulates users into believing that they will win money by playing. The platform presents several deceptions that make it a fraudulent app that does not pay. Read the following review below and find out how Emoji Blast Post lies to users.

Emoji Blast Puzzle: is it legit?

Emoji Blast Puzzle is not a legitimate app because it does not pay what it claims. The platform deceives users in various ways to make a profit.

What is Emoji Blast Puzzle?

Emoji Blast Puzzle is a play money making application that features a basic puzzle game. The interface is simple to carry and does not manifest interesting details that make it exciting. The platform displays hundreds of advertisements that make the platform experience tedious. The app was created by the developer company by Magicox Gaming, a studio famous for creating junk apps.
If you want to download this app to your cell phone you must search for it by name on Google Play, you must search well because that name is too common and you may confuse it with another. Once you have made sure that you have downloaded the Emoji Blast Puzzle app you can start playing directly. The platform does not require you to register, personal data or create a username. This is a negative aspect of the app, as there will be no record of your evolution as a player.

How to play?

Emoji Blast Puzzles works by forming groups to create new tiles. Once you enter you will have a board in which there is a honeycomb, which deliberately complicates the dynamics of the game. The tiles come in pairs, which makes the game less fluid.
At the beginning you will see a board on which there is a figure that looks like a honeycomb, there you will see several empty spaces. At the bottom of the board you will see the tiles you have available. These tiles can be moved according to your criteria to make it easier to arrange them. The goal is to place the tiles on the board and then place a tile that has the same number, so that they mix and form a new one.
The platform does not say anything about rewards and first you will have to watch advertisements. The app does not offer money for the goals achieved within the game.


Emoji Blast Puzzle allows you to earn coins for playing, as long as you see advertisements. The app does not feature any payment method, withdrawal box or minimum withdrawal amount. Worst of all, the platform has in-app purchases to take money from players, which is a clear sign of a scam.

Conclusion of Emoji Blast Puzzle

Emoji Blast Puzzle is a junk app that does not pay. The platform has published misleading advertising to attract new users. The game is not even entertaining and there is no reward for playing it. The platform’s intention is to get you to see as many ads as possible so they can make money, without paying you anything. The best thing to do is to ignore this app and never download it to your device. If you already have it installed, delete it right now.
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Emoji Blast Puzzle does not pay.


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