Golden Lucky Dice: does it really pay?

Golden Lucky Dice is an application that is advertised on the internet as a game in which you can earn money in multiple ways. The reality is that the app does not pay and manipulates users through deception.
Read the following Golden Lucky Dice review below and find out how the app deceives through all kinds of gimmicks.

Golden Lucky Dice: is it legit?

Golden Lucky Dice is not a legitimate application as it does not pay anything it claims. The platform features various gimmicks to deceive users and profit from them.

What is Golden Lucky Dice?

Golden Lucky Dice is Android app that claims to offer an entertaining gaming experience packed with rewards.The app features four fun mini-games that you can play for free: Scratch, Dice, Lucky Wheel and Slots. The platform says that any of the four games will earn you cash. Once you’ve accumulated enough cash, you can withdraw your winnings via PayPal or even get some Amazon and Walmart gift cards.
The platform also offers the opportunity to collect puzzle pieces that can be redeemed for prizes such as iPhone 14, MacBook, Sony TV, among others .
Lucky Dice is available for Android users worldwide and can be installed for free from the Play Store. To install you do not need registration and you can start playing directly. That is a negative aspect of the application, as there is no record of your evolution as a player.

How to play?

When you launch the application you will enter the Dice game, where tapping the button to roll the dice will earn you $5.73. Golden Lucky Dice allows you to triple those winnings by watching a commercial every time you win money, coins or puzzle pieces. It then invites you to reach $100 to cash out. During the game you will collect coins that can also be exchanged for cash.
Coins can be exchanged for cash, but you will need 25 million coins to withdraw $2,500.
You will start with 15 units of energy, which will allow you to play all four games. With this energy, you can roll the dice, press the spin button on the Lucky Wheel slot machine and scratch the card. Once you run out of energy, you get it back by watching an advertising video.
You can play your puzzle pieces in the prize section for prizes, such as an iPhone 14, a Sony TV, a Louis Vuitton bag, a MacBook and more. To collect more puzzle pieces, play Lucky Spin, all these actions will trigger an advertisement.


Conclusion of Golden Lucky Dice

Golden Lucky Dice has used fraudulent tactics to increase views and, as a result, your earnings. When it comes time for them to pay, they hit you with a curveball: you must watch even more videos to “trigger” the order. The app does not pay, as it is a fraudulent platform that lies to users.
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Golden Lucky Dice does not pay.


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