WowApp Review: the ultimate app to make money

If in the app industry there is a safe app to earn money, that is WowApp. This platform has been paying on time since 2014, representing a valuable income for thousands of people who have already downloaded it on their cell phones.
Read the following WowApp review carefully and discover all the opportunities it presents for you to earn money.

WowApp: is it legit?

WowApp is a fully legitimate application that has been paying in a timely manner since 2014.
The platform comes in app format, which you can download on any device and there is also the WowApp website, where you can work from your computer.

What is WowApp?

WowApp is a free app that you can download on both Android and iOS devices. WowApp allows you to earn money by playing games, answering surveys, chatting with friends, performing tasks, among other activities for which you will be paid.
To join WowApp you need an invitation, which you can accept by following this link.
Once you click the link you will be redirected to a new window. Just click on “join WowApp” to access the registration section, where you must fill in each of the fields with your details. Once you have completed the WowApp registration, you can download the app on your Android cell phone or iPhone.

How to make money on WowApp?

WowApp gives you the opportunity to earn money by performing numerous activities daily on the mobile application or on your tablet or computer.

The currency you earn in WowApp is called WowCoin. 1 WowCoin is equivalent, more or less, to $0.01, being 100WowCoins $1. WowCoins are earned while using the app to send/receive messages as well as with calls. To ensure that you optimize your earnings, make sure you have the advertising options activated. To see if you have them activated, go to the “Earn” section and then click on “Activate Advertise Me”.

WowApp allows you to earn money by playing games, chatting with friends, surfing the internet, answering surveys, making calls, watching videos, etc. You can also earn money by inviting your friends to use this app. You will earn a commission on the money they generate on the platform, which will not affect their earnings.

You can also earn money by unlocking the screen of your mobile phone thanks to Lockscreen ads. There is no secret here, you just have to move your finger up the screen to unlock the phone and, at the same time, see an ad that will bring you the money.
WowApp pays through Paypal, credit cards and bank transfers, simply choose the one that suits you best.

WowApp pays everything you have earned in a timely manner. The minimum cashout amount is 1dollar. You will have to pay the required commissions (1$ fixed + 8% of the requested cashout) by the platform if you want to withdraw your money. Before withdrawing you must have at least 110 additional WowCoins in your balance to pay commissions and be able to cash out your income generated in WowApp. For example, if you want to receive $5.33 (533 points) you will have to accumulate 689 WowCoins in your balance.

Here you have a little secret to make more money on WowApp : put the app on your computer or mobile homepage to remember you have a lot of opportunities to generate an extra income.

Conclusion of WowApp

WowApp is an app that pays everything you have generated within the platform. Due to the great ease with which you get money through the various ways proposed by the app, it can be said that it is one of the best platforms in the world to earn extra money.



WowApp is currently paying.


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